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bowwindows1A bow window conversion is a curved bay window supported by a gallows bracket or corbel and superimposed over the existing aperture of a flat window. This creates the feeling of space by projecting beyond the exterior wall of the building and provides a wider view of the garden or the street outside. They are typically constructed combining three or more casement windows, which are coupled together using variable angle kite mullions to form a curved on plan structure.

The bow window conversion incorporates a performed GRP canopy flat roof module or a traditional bespoke (fully insulated) fabricated leaded roof construction. All component parts are manufactured and assembled using the latest laser measurement technology and computer software to ensure the exact match of all components. Therefore the accurate configuration of windows forming the bow ensure that the external envelope of the property is maintained and not compromised.

Bow windows can be installed on any level on a building and form a gentle outwards curve.


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