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’8.30am – one van, two men and three windows arrive outside the house. The rain starts falling and I, the husband, beat a hasty retreat and go to work.

Some hours later, and with much apprehension, I receive a phone call from the good lady and… she loves the windows! With a huge sense of relief, I listen to her account of events:

The first window was installed into a modern part of the building with no problems whatsoever.

With rainfall approaching torrential levels, the second window served as a reminder to the two drenched workmen that older buildings don’t have straight lines in them. However, after much chiselling, cutting and hammering the window found a nice, snug place to spend the rest of its life.

According to my wife, the installation of the third window was almost like trying to fit a square object into a round hole and required efforts far beyond the call of duty (her words, not mine); it was an upstairs window that wouldn’t, er, fit up the stairs.

So, with a Fenland monsoon in full swing, the window was successfully installed from the outside.

The site was cleared and all rooms were left spotless.

In twenty years, we have used Economy Windows on three different properties. On each occasion the service provided by the sales person, the surveyor and the installers has been faultless.



Andy & Carolyn.

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