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Sash windows are no longer a window of the past

Sash windows are a traditional part of British building heritage. Reaching their peak in the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods, traditional sash windows are a distinctive and attractive part of British architecture.

Why choose uPVC sash windows?

uPVC vertical sliding sash windows ensure that the traditional look, character and style of your property is retained. Whilst the latest uPVC technology greatly improves the efficiency and features of the windows, uPVC sash windows offer you the good looks of traditional design with the hassle free minimum maintenance of modern materials. No more summer days at the top of a ladder painting old rotting wooden windows; uPVC sash windows make your home easier to live in whilst retaining its good looks. uPVC sliding sash windows never rot, peel, flake or rust, all they need is a simple wipe clean with a damp cloth every once in a while.

Another great feature of uPVC sash windows is that not only do they go up and down like traditional sash windows but they also tilt inwards. This feature allows you to clean the outside of your windows from the inside.

The safety features on uPVC windows are also a vast improvement on traditional sash windows. With the latest in multi-lock technology and the benefits of toughened glass double glazing it will be much more challenging for any would-be burglar to brake into your property.

There are many styles of sash uPVC windows available so you can ensure that you find a style which will integrate with other styles throughout your home, including conservatories, porches and doors.

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