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Tilt & Turn, A window cleaner’s worst nightmare….?

Tilt and turn PVC-U windows offer a simple, contemporary and stylish solution to suit modern properties, together with the benefits of noise reduction, low maintenance, safety, security and energy efficiency. Tilt ‘n’ turn windows use intelligent engineering to offer the ultimate in versatility. Turn the handle to the horizontal and the window will tilt inwards, opening at the top and providing ventilation. This setting is perfect if you want to avoid causing an obstruction or hazard by opening the window wide.

Close the window and turn the handle upwards to the vertical and the window opens inwards from the side, offering a large open space and plenty of airflow, and letting the outdoors into your home. At this setting you’ll also be able to reach every part of the glazing, making the tilt ’n’ turn window simplicity itself to clean and maintain. No more window-cleaning worries or expense, no matter how high off the ground your window is set.

The fact that the tilt ‘n’ turn window opens inwards sets it apart from regular, outward-opening casement windows, and makes it ideal for customers for whom an open-out window is simply not suitable because of space restrictions.

The tilt ‘n’ turn window is the perfectly versatile year-round product, offering plenty of light and fresh air during the summer months, and providing superb insulation or gentle ventilation in the winter.

As with all Ecotherm products tilt and turn windows are available in a range of finishes and colours – see our colour selector on our welcome page.

Tilt and turn windows supplied by Economy Windows are fitted with the very latest high performance handles, hinges and locking mechanisms.

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